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Upcycling Ideas for Your Home

In a world thriving on capitalism and consumerism, the main objective of any business is to make profits out of their business activities. Simply put, everybody’s after money. In pursuit of this objective, many manufacturing companies tend to produce goods with a definite lifetime. So when they’re broken, customers will have to come and buy another brand new one, thus increasing their profits. Swimming against this wave of capitalism is never easy but you can learn a few things from the life of a minimalist on upcycling things in your home.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is basically taking something that has very little value or considered waste, and turning it into something that holds value. It’s like giving that item a new purpose in life. The item upcycled will hold more value and purpose to it than before and will certainly make a beautiful addition to your home. This is completely different from the concept of recycling.

upcycling your home
Make use of the empty soda bottles. Photo by Juanjo Menta from Pexels

Recycling vs. Upcycling

In recycling, the item that’s considered waste is stripped down to its basic form. For example, if it’s plastic, the item is shredded and melted into small plastic pellets first. Then those pellets are used to create another plastic object. Similarly, if it’s made of paper or cardboard, it’s shredded and made into a paste. Glass items are melted and reshaped to produce new glassware. But when you upcycle something, the material is question isn’t stripped down to its basic form, rather we’re using the current form of that object to produce something creative which would ultimately serve an important purpose where it’s deployed.

5 upcycling ideas for your home

  • Most of us throw away the toilet paper tubes in the trash bin but what if I tell you that you could use them as a container to plants seeds of your choice. Take a finished toilet paper roll, push the cardboard tube from one end so that it’s sealed from that end. Fill the tube with a compost mixture and plant your seeds in the medium.
  • You can turn any broken container into a beautiful flower vase as well. If you accidentally break a ceramic bowl one day, try to stick it back the way it was with PVA glue and plant some flowers in it. You can get creative with painting the bowl as well.
upcycling for your home
Soccer balls converted to flower pots. Image by karin_van_Duke from Pixabay
  • When you can’t wear that top your friend got you couple of years ago cause you’ve put on some pounds (happens to all of us), the best option would be not to throw it off but to use it as a rug to clean your furniture or kitchen. That top got a few more good months to go. Put it to good use.
  • If you have spare wood laying around from old chairs and tables, use them to craft simple necessities. Like cloth hangers or key hangers. Stick a nail or two on a wooden block and use it to hang all sort of stuff.
  • Make space under the bed useful. Take cardboard boxes lying around your house or unused drawers to utilize as compartments for under the bed storage. This is a great way of adding storage space to your home without cluttering your space.