A Beginner’s Guide to a Minimalist’s Wardrobe

Wardrobe makeover. Yay!! Get ready to experience the ultimate wardrobe shopping frenzy to —-. Wait what? Let’s just stop right there and dial it back a little bit. I think we got off on the wrong foot here. Minimalists don’t go on crazy shopping sprees, or do they? (No, they don’t) Does that make them less attractive or underdressed at any given time? (Again, no… Seriously I have to stop answering these rhetorical questions) What they have with them are the most essential possessions required to lead a simple life. They don’t own 12 pairs of party shoes or 10 different party tops of the same hue or even 8 different belts to make a fashion statement that would one day appear on the cover of the Vogue. How do they do it then? What’s their secret to be satisfied all the time? Let’s try and find answers starting from their wardrobe.

minimalists wardrobe
A closer look at a minimalist’s wardrobe. Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

The daily routine

You might be at a 9-5 job, managing your own business or free wandering soul in search of the meaning of life, you’d still have a routine of work to attend to on a daily basis. Sketching down your daily routine can help you identify what kind of clothes you wear the most on a daily basis. So, you’d know what to prioritize when you’re decluttering your wardrobe and shopping for clothing essentials in the future.

Let go of that prom dress

Seriously, I can’t stress this fact enough. Minimalists find this mantra to be one of the finest advices to follow in leading a fulfilled life. Let go. Let go of that prom dress you’re never going to wear again and those cute little shorts if you don’t have any place to wear them. Sure, they’ve got memories embedded in them, but keeping them with you will yield no good to you. Keep the fond memories. Donate or dispose the dress. Have less attachments in life. Be happy.

Being satisfied with what you have

Damn! Kylie Jenner looked amazing at the Oscars, but do you really need to steal that look? Being able to differentiate between your needs and wants would definitely up your minimalist game and would ultimately make you satisfied with what you have right now with you. I’m not asking you to stop shopping for new clothes, but to stop drooling over the things you see on screen and not to chase those styles blindly. Prioritizing your needs over your wants should do the trick here.

minimalist wardrobe
Be satisfied with what you own. Photo by Nugroho Wahyu from Pexels

More money for the Europe tour fund

If you aren’t constantly shopping and upgrading your wardrobe, it’s pretty clear that you’d be saving a considerable amount of money which could be used to fund your long-awaited Europe tour. It’s not like you’re landing a lottery prize, but little savings on a frequent basis would definitely help your financial situation. Plus, the time saved on those shopping sprees could well be beneficial in improving your skills or attaining new personal goals.

Keeping it neat and tidy

The hassle of finding the perfect dress shouldn’t have to be a recreation of Raiders of the Lost Ark. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a hassle at all. When you declutter your wardrobe and organize everything once and for all, you can clearly see the options you have for the cocktail you’re about to attend. No time wasted on digging your way through a pile of wish-I-had-a-place-to-wear-this dresses to decide on a worthy winner. Since you already love the clothes you have right now, choosing one and looking elegant in it shouldn’t take much time.