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How to get over a Breakup

It’s okay. Everybody goes through a bad breakup or a painful goodbye at least once in their life. Hey if you’ve had pretty darn good memories with someone, it’s foolish to think that you won’t have any disappointing experiences to balance the scales of life. The fact that you’re here seeing this article, tells me that you need to erase off a memory you never intended to have in the first place. Everyone has their own way of finding inner peace but until you discover yours, try the following tips to elevate your mind to the next level.

Take care of yourself first

This might sound selfish to some, but I can assure you it’s not. How can you expect others to make you feel better if you’re not able to do it yourself? Depriving yourself of basic needs isn’t going to solve anything. It might seem hard at first to get back to your daily routine, but that extra effort would reap you the benefit of getting over your loss much quicker than you anticipated. So, clean yourself up, eat properly and most importantly get some sleep.

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Take care of yourself first. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

See the silver lining

Cut down the negativity from your life. Think of what happened as a learning curve, a bad experience rather than a grave loss, and how it could lead you to open new doors to new beginnings in discovering the true beauty of life. When you emotionally change your perspective about the whole situation you begin to notice visible improvements as days go by.

The next best thing

This is golden advice. Ask yourself the question, “what was the next best thing I enjoyed other than the company of — ?”. Maybe it’s traveling, singing, cooking or watching overly dramatic soap operas on television. Whatever it is, if it’s not bringing any harm to yourself or to others around you, you should definitely spend a considerable amount of time doing the things you love. It’ll take your mind off the situation a little bit letting time heal the wounds.

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Do the things you loved the most. Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

A new hobby

If you can’t find things to spend time on, take this as an opportunity to try out something new in life. Awake the master chef inside you, take up gardening, find mindfulness in yoga or learn to say a few more phrases other than Arigatou Gozaimasu in Japanese if you’re into learning a new language. When you engage in your new habit daily, it kind of becomes a routine and you tend to explore deep into the roots of this new interest, making you a pro at it in no time.

Forget and forgive

Forgiving someone even if you haven’t done anything wrong is definitely challenging. Making up your mind to see past the errors in judgment of the other person would take an extra effort. If you hold a grudge or some sort of a beef with someone, you would never be able to attain any peace of mind. You’d be all triggered when you see them doing well without you and that kind of an attitude’s only going to drag you down in life. You can only control your own life, thus being the bigger person and forgiving your ex-companion is the only way to achieve ultimate freedom. Being able to look at their photos on Instagram and being happy for them is truly what makes you a great human being.

forget and forgive breakup
Forget and forgive. Let time heal the wounds. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Seek help from a professional

If you still can’t shake it off of your mind, the best way to tackle this problem is to seek professional advice. Psychiatrists are trained to help people in distress and they’ve tons of experience in doing so. One might think it’s embarrassing to talk to a psychiatrist about issues like these, but trust me they’ve dealt with hundreds of cases like yours and could provide you the piece of advice you’ve been missing to get your life back on track.  

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