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How I Got Over My Facebook Addiction

Facebook. You’re probably on it. You’re probably spending hours on it. Connecting with people is good, but if it’s causing more harm to you than helping you progress in life, you should sit back, take a deep breath and review the situation. If you’re spending hours scrolling up and down and if it’s getting in the way of your daily routine, I’d say that’s Facebook addiction. Not to worry, we’ve got just the solution.

My Facebook Addiction Story

I’ll tell you my fair share of the story on putting a stop to my Facebook addiction. Facebook was kind of my go-to app whenever I had my phone in my hand. Whether it was to answer a call or just to check the time, I would always tap on that little blue icon on my app list and see what was going on with my friends and the topics I follow. I told myself, “I’m just keeping up with the current affairs. I’m gaining knowledge”. A little part of that is true. Facebook or any other social media platform could well be used to learn new things and all but in my case, it was just a lie I kept telling myself so that I have a legitimate reason to waste my time on Facebook.

facebook addiction 3
Facebook was kind of my go-to app. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

To be specific I didn’t understand that it was a waste of time for a long time as I was enjoying all the meme culture and viral videos (yes, I’m one of you guys) like everybody else. What cracked the code for me was the urge to follow my passion of becoming a filmmaker (It’s a work in progress 😊). Whenever I sat down to write a script after work, my hands would automatically reach my phone. Then I’d start scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed. I’d spend hours scrolling down, watching videos one after the other. Utterly a waste of time which could have been put to good use to do something productive. And ultimately, I’d feel sleepy and procrastinate writing the script to the next day. The next day never came. Then only I understood how bad the situation is.

Remedial Actions Were Taken

It’s not easy to quit something at once, so naturally, I went for the stage by stage approach. In my line of work, I’m usually dependent on my mobile network data connection for the most part of the day, so the restriction had to start there. The solution was simple. I went into the mobile data settings and denied access to Facebook on mobile data. It’s that easy. With that, I made a pact not to enable access no matter what and only to begin the scrolling game once I’m home and on Wi-Fi. Believe me, it worked wonders for my time management skills. I would still tap on the Facebook icon a few times a day only to discover that I’ve restricted access and within a few days I stopped checking my phone every now and then and my screen time dropped by nearly two hours.

facebook addiction 2
Not addicted anymore. Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

After a week or two, I gradually stopped visiting Facebook even on Wi-Fi as it was kind of easier to let go once I was out of the addiction zone. Now, a few months after I made the initial move, I can safely say that I’m not addicted to Facebook anymore. I only visit the website only when it’s essential. Hours of scrolling up and down are no more. Seriously if they gave a penny for every swipe, we would have been millionaires by now. But jokes aside, this move changed my life for the better. Now I’ve got a ton of time to follow my dreams and to be more productive than I was before. Try it for yourself. See the results. Perhaps you’d end up being the next Mark Zuckerberg if you put your time to good use. Who knows? 😉