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Digital Decluttering: 5 Quick Hacks

Digital decluttering. You’ve heard the word a few times and you believe it’s something to do with regular decluttering. That is indeed correct. Digital decluttering is basically taking the regular being-more-with-less concept to manage your time on digital devices more efficiently. Let’s learn how you can put this into practice.

1. Declutter your desktop

Let’s start with your Mac or PC. Assume that the desktop resembles your mind. How cluttered is it? I’m guessing you’ve saved pretty much everything there, ranging from media player shortcut to spreadsheets. But do you really need that media player on your desktop? You never use it to open any file, what you do is click on the media file letting it open through the media player on your computer. Scan for essential icons on the desktop. Arrange them in a meaningful way and delete the rest. You might finally see the wallpaper behind all those stacked icons.

2. Declutter your social media life

Open your favorite social media app. Go to friends/followers. See how many of those people are worth being friends with. UNFRIEND those who don’t make the cut. Your newsfeed will be so much better without those annoying statuses and 11 different selfies of the same girl in a hotel bathroom. You’d only get posts relating to the tags or the people you follow which is ideal if you’re trying to cut down on excessive social media usage.

Digital Decluttering
A clean newsfeed directs your attention where it’s needed. Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

3. Declutter your inbox

Even Einstein would be puzzled by the reason why EBay is still sending you discount codes for sneakers when you’ve only purchased a cheap knockoff iPhone case few years ago. Whatever the reason maybe, you can’t allow vendors sending you hundreds of promotions everyday that get piled up in your inbox. To make things worse, they take up your precious mail storage as well. The solution is fairly easy though. Most of these emails will have a tiny opt-out or unsubscribe option at the end of the email that would take you the sender’s website and with a few clicks, you could enjoy a quite decent inbox than before.

4. Clear out your downloads folder

Email attachments, software, pdf… nothing can escape the downloads folder. You never bother to save anything to a specific folder as it’s so much easier to download and open files on the web browser itself. Guess what? Everything you download on your browser most probably ends up in the downloads folder and it’s a proper mess there. Hundreds of files belonging to different file types cramped up in a single folder is a minimalist’s nightmare. It’s too difficult even to find something you’ve downloaded a couple of days ago, so you end up downloading this same file again. Spend a few minutes decluttering your downloads folder in order to save hours in the future.

Take a stage by stage approach so that you won’t bore yourself. Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

5. Declutter your gallery

Maybe you keep running out of space on your phone or maybe you’ve disk space to store tons of images and videos in your gallery. Either way photos and videos are something we all ignore when it comes to digital decluttering. Take a moment to go through your gallery from top to bottom. Delete all blurred, out of focus photos and burst photos keeping just one photo you like the most. Don’t let uncertainty play a part in this and make sure to delete all the photos you don’t want to keep.  If you doubt keeping a photo, you probably don’t need it, otherwise you’d have decided to keep it in the first place.

Take a stage by stage approach so that you won’t bore yourself to death decluttering your digital devices. Finally, use the screen time option in settings to see how much time you spend looking at your phone and try to limit the usage so you can enjoy your life engaging with your friends and family.

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