Decluttering the Mind

There will be many to teach you about the mind; how it works and how to control it or let it fly. But since we’re talking decluttering, let’s try and keep it simple.

Our mind, undoubtedly has infinite capacity to store, endure, and locate all kinds of matters or items you could possibly imagine. But we all know, even though our mind is such a fascinating entity with infinite possibilities, for the most part, it’s a mess. At the same time, you also know that once your mind is actually mess-free, then you truly can achieve these endless possibilities. If you didn’t know this, you probably have felt this when you muttered to yourself “I need to get my mind sorted before everything”.

decluttering mind
Declutter your mind. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

How do I declutter my mind?

The logic is simple. Decluttering your mind is nothing different from decluttering your physical surrounding. First, scan what you’ve got, determine whether it’s necessary,  cast away if not necessary, determine where to keep it if it’s necessary, make sure what you kept in one place stays there unless otherwise required, scan whatever new coming in and send it to the appropriate designated spot. That’s it. Pretty simple.

So, start by scanning your emotions, your memories, your perceptions, cravings, dreams, expectations, or anything you want to start with. Determine what it’s doing to you, is this a healthy mindset or not, will this be beneficial for me or anybody else, is this piece of information uplifting or degrading my state of being or is it just irrelevant, etc. Now that you know what you’ve got, cast away the toxicity, the junk you don’t need that just keeps taking up space in your precious mind. With the junk gone, you will feel the difference. The difference in clarity, peace and understanding. Just let go. Live with less because less is peaceful.

Like when you find yourself in the middle of an interesting tale near the water dispenser, just reason with yourself whether you need this information at all, and if you don’t, avoid it in the first place so you don’t have to carry it in your mind from therein. And if you couldn’t avoid it, just don’t let it set camp in your mind- let it go. Put in the junk bin and discard.

declutter the mind
Less is more. Photo by Samuel Silitonga from Pexels

What should I discard?

So, what exactly do I discard again? The things that don’t elevate your mind to a better state are what you discard. This means you discard anything that drags down your present state of mind and anything that does nothing to improve it. You’ll realize that a hell lot of what’s in our mind should’ve been discarded a long time ago.

So how do I do this? Detach and distance yourself from the physical aspects of your life that may have arisen from a degraded state of mind and/or continue to further degrade your state of mind. Then move on to the mental aspects, for the same treatment.

The more you get attached to things (the intensity of attachments), more will be the torment. Likewise, the more things you get attached to (the quantity of attachments), more will be the torment. Things here refer to material and non-material things including people.

Almost everything happens at the mental level before it manifests on the physical level. How you are is a representation of what’s in your mind. You will always know when your mind isn’t healthy- it won’t leave you in peace. Let go of the clutter in your mind, and embrace the peace it brings.