How to Declutter Your Home the Proper Way

Look around your room. You know it’s messy and you also know that you have to clean this. But what do you say to chores every day? “maybe tomorrow”. Many tomorrows have passed since and you still couldn’t make up your mind to clean and organize your room or your house. Maybe you’ve organized your space thoroughly last Saturday, and here you are with having to do the same old chores once again to declutter your home.

Let us help you. Let us make organizing your home easier for you.

The things you need and the things you want

Do me a favor. Look at your wardrobe and tell me how many tops you haven’t worn in the past couple months. If the answer is more than 10, you need to revamp and start from the beginning. The decluttering process starts within yourself with the understanding of the core values of life. The more you’re attached to something, may it be physical or mental, the more you’re going be affected when it changes its current status one day. Let’s take an example. We all have dropped our phones onetime or another. Think about the first time you dropped it and the way you felt about it. Terrible, I know. But from that moment onwards the fact that the phone was unharmed up until now, would be dismissed. You will experience many drops in the next few months but now you’ve made peace with it. The attachment to your phone has decreased, and with that the guilt of dropping it has diminished. Thus, we can conclude that the less attachments you have in life, would yield you less worries over your lifetime.

declutter your home
Identify your needs and wants

Declutter your home

Have fewer attachments. The next step is learning to let go of the things you don’t need in life, so you can finally clear your wardrobe of the tops you haven’t worn in a long time. You don’t necessarily need to throw them away; in fact, you can put them to use in many different ways. i.e. upcycling and recycling. After identifying what you need and what you don’t need, you can start segregating the ones you need on a daily basis, the ones you use sometimes, and the things you don’t use at all.

A great way of starting to declutter is to set a goal. A time. For an example make yourself available for half an hour every day to declutter and organize your home.

After segregating on the basis of usage, take a look at the pile of stuff you don’t need. This might include things that are broken but decided to keep with you anyway. Out of these things, you need to identify things that can be mended, things that need to be recycled, things that are in good shape and can be donated, and finally the ones which should be disposed properly.

After decluttering the whole space, take action to mend the broken items in your possession that hold value to you and take the recyclable stuff to the recycling centre closest to you. You can donate those items in good shape to the less privileged and finally dispose the unwanted ones responsibly.