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10 Minimalist Habits to Brighten Up Your Life

Less is more. Practicing minimalist habits or basically, minimalism isn’t depriving your life of the necessities; it’s disconnecting your life from the absolute nonsense attached to yourself which would ultimately make you feel like you’ve enjoyed life for the wrong reasons.

Sounds like something from a Nolan movie?… yeah, I get you. Let me break it down for you.

More unnecessary attachments – No peace of mind. Less attachments, less things to worry about – More peace of mind.

Get it? Well if you do, congratulations, you’ve taken the first step in following this form of art which would help to shape your life for the better. Here in the post, I’m going to introduce you to 10 simple minimalist habits to start right away (yeah, that’s right. Right away. You don’t have to wait till the new year or your birthday and you certainly don’t need to write this down on a piece of paper and caption it New Year Resolutions), guaranteed to make your life more enjoyable and peaceful.

1. Declutter your living space

Assess the value. Segregate. Clean up. The decluttering process would seem like an uphill task at the beginning but when you take it stage by stage, it kind of feels like an episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Start with your closet or the room. Go through everything in there and assess whether they hold any value to your current living situation and if they don’t, detach them from your life. Segregate what you intend to throw away and recycle/donate/dispose as needed. Make this a habit to keep everything in place so you don’t mess it up again for a complete do over again.

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minimalist habits 1
A minimalist home is a soothing view to the eye.

2. Declutter your mind

Tidying up the environment you live in is good. Tidying up your mind along with it is better. Just like your room, your mind tends to fill it up with unnecessary jargon which hinders your thought process drastically. A clear mind helps you to arrive at more logical and rational decisions while maintaining a perfect balance between moral values and logical values. Meditation is an excellent way of decluttering your mind of all the negative perceptions. Yoga has also proved beneficial in improving both your mental and physical health. Practicing good positive attitudes like showing empathy to the people you associate with, will also help in developing a decluttered mind.

3. Keep everything in place

After the process of decluttering what you need to do is to try not to mess it up again so you’d have to put in the effort to clean it up again. If you make sure to keep everything in their designated place, the place won’t clutter quickly and you won’t have to declutter it regularly. This is considered one of the most important minimalist habits to practice. Follow the simple rule of returning an object to its original designated place once you’re done using it. This way, you won’t have any trouble locating your missing car keys every morning and you’d save tons of time which could be put into good use.

declutter your home
Organized closet and laundry area. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

4. Quality over quantity

Look at the 10 tops in your wardrobe you never wear like that song in your playlist you always skip but never delete. Why would you even spend money on things if you’re never going to use them? From this day onwards make a pact not to shop for every cute tank top you see. Make sure you choose quality essentials for your wardrobe only when you need to dispose of the old ones. With this technique, you’d have a neat little wardrobe like the ones you see in those minimalist videos on YouTube. I’m telling you that it is totally legit stuff.

5. Learn to let go

This is a mantra I’ve been reciting all my life. You felt devastated when your pet died or when you went through that horrible breakup. It felt empty inside of you for a week. All because you showed unimaginable affection towards that happy pill of your life. (at least it used to be). The more you’re attached to an entity in life the more you’re going to be moved when you lose it someday. According to that explanation, the only logical conclusion would be to have fewer attachments thereby learning a valuable lesson to let go of the things you’re holding onto so blindly.

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let go of bad times
Achieve more with fewer attachments. Photo by Keegan Houser from Pexels

6. Make sustainable choices

Try to switch to more environmentally conscious alternatives when you’re shopping for essentials. Shop from local farmers and support newly established budding entrepreneurs whenever possible and find a place to purchase healthy organic food if possible. Be careful about that organic tag though, just because it says organic on the cover doesn’t mean it’s living up to its description. Find out where it comes from and how it’s made. Do not blindly believe the data on display. If your town has a farmers’ market, go shop there. You’d find fresh produce plus it’ll be a nice addition to your weekly schedule as well and to top it off, you’d meet some wholesome people as well.

7. Say no to single use plastic

Think about that soda you had the other day, the plastic straw that came with it would take eons to decay. The same goes for the plastic bag you put your grocery in and the bottle of water you decided to throw away when it’s half done. Out of all the plastic in the world, only 9% is recycled, 12% is burnt and the rest ends up either in landfills or oceans which is consumed by many species on land and in sea bringing them suffocation and death. You can do your part in fighting this disaster just by employing reusable bottles/bags and refusing to accept single-use plastics with your purchases. Many shops are now switching to alternative packaging or bring-your-own bag policy to provide customers with a much more environmentally friendly shopping experience.

single use plastic pollution
Switch to sustainable alternatives. Photo by Lucien Wanda from Pexels

8. Take a walk

Sure, taking a cab to the store a few blocks away seems convenient, but the environmental impact from that action is not so convenient to the mother nature. As fossil fuels are burnt to produce energy, many toxic gases are released into the atmosphere. Be conscious about your actions and help the world every little way you can. You may be making a minute contribution to help heal the world but those little things add up to a massive wave of impact when you practice those habits for a long time. So next time when you decide to use a vehicle to cross a few streets, consider taking a walk.

9. Learn a new skill

Invest your time to learn a new skill rather than killing time on social media and scrolling down all day. If they gave a penny for every time you swipe, you’d be owning both Amazon and Microsoft by now. Sadly, that’s leaving you with only a waste of time and money. Cut down on spending so much time on social media and use that time to learn a new skill. Maybe it’s painting… or cooking. Maybe you want to visit Japan one day… and the locals would be stoked to see you speak fluent Japanese. So, take a little break from social media and focus on learning a thing or two to elevate your life to a whole new level.

cooking at home minimalism
Put your culinary skills to test. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

10. Give back to the world

You’ve taken so many resources from this world to survive. The food you eat, the air you breathe, the freshwater you drink… Everything is extracted from this giant rock of a planet to make life easier for humans to get on with their day to day lives. But the distribution of these resources is very much questionable. The cheap coffee you’re enjoying might be a luxury to some kid in South Sudan. The ever so bring sedan you’re driving might be the dream car of a trainee salesman in Venezuela. Understanding these differences and helping out someone in need the way you can, should make you feel better about yourself. You’ve taken so much from this world, now it’s time to give back.